Any revolution against luxury has always failed, and this is because luxury comes from our inner self. A very few number of warlike, masculine, and austere societies of the past were able to hold luxury for a certain period of time but they were all fated to collapse.

Luxury is in fact a codified and symbolic system of values capable of transferring meaning, differentiation, and therefore identity, to the personal and collective life of humankind. Our soul and emotions gave form to it.

Luxury is such an interesting subject to understand societies throughout history. What are your thoughts about it? Do you find Luxury present, or not present, in other kinds of societies nowadays or in the past?

Where does luxury come from?

In vertically structured societies luxury is seen as a privilege of divine origins, while in horizontally structured societies luxury assumes various forms of differentiation such as the ownership of goods or the belonging to exclusive social circles; in these societies, luxury could also become more discrete, however, its purpose does not change. Luxury is indeed able to transfer sense, meaning, and order to human communities.

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